Margaret Todd

Margaret Todd 1935 – 2018

The Musical Adventures of Mulan

Margaret Todd was born in 1935 in the UK and passed on to the theatre in the sky 02 September 2018 at the fine age of 82 years.

Life was not easy between wars and during the Second World War and Margaret and her brother were brought up in St Georges children’s home in Harrogate Yorkshire. It was here that her acting career started at the tender age of 8 or 9 in the homes performance of “The Royal Arms”.

The bug had bitten and her passion for acting grew stronger and stronger. After leaving the home she continued with her dream and travelled the country on tour. Life was tough but her passion for acting made up for it.

She eventually settled down and entered nursing becoming a Midwife based in Blackpool North West England – it brings to mind the picture of “Nurse Gladys Emmanuel” Read More…

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