Theatre Academy POPI

What types of personal data are collected through the contact form?

Name, Surname, Age group, Contact number, Contact e-mail address, Province, Instant messaging platform presence, Health and/or Dependent information.

For what purposes those data necessary?

  • The primary purpose of collecting the data is to enable introductory information about the Theatre Academy to be shared with you telephonically and/or via e-mail.
  • Forename & Surname: To address you individually in directed correspondence
  • Contact number(s), e-mail address, and instant messaging platform membership: So we have a way to respond to your indication of interest.
  • Age bracket: To assist in planning the level of instruction and grouping of attendees
  • Province: Our classes will be based in Benoni, Gauteng. If it comes to light that there are sufficient interested parties who are too far away from our base of operations, alternative modes of instruction may need to be considered.

Who can access the data?

The completed form is reformatted as an e-mail to our Academy directors, Anuscha and Lynsay, who will collate the information into a shared database of contacts.

Are the data stored in some way? If so, where and for how long are they stored?

The data are stored in a spreadsheet (Google Docs?) hosted on a cloud platform to simplify shared access by the directors. Some of the information may be reproduced on a WhatsApp group to enable broadcast notifications. By default this information will be stored for as long as you are a student of the Academy. On completion of the course of instruction, you will be given the option of joining an alumni database, in order that the Academy and its backing organisations (Protea Stage Productions and Keyboard Magic) may keep in touch with you. Should you at any time wish to review the data the Academy has stored pertaining to you, or have that data expunged, please feel free to reach out to the Directors.

Are the data shared with third-party entities? If so, who are they?

The data gathered via this form will not be shared with any other party. Should you opt to pursue obtaining a qualification via the Rockschool examination, additional consent will be sought at that time, subject to relevant terms and conditions.

In which country will the data be processed?

The processing will be done entirely in the borders of South Africa. The storage of the data will be primarily on a cloud-hosted platform, which inherently makes identifying the country the data resides in difficult to know. For this reason, strong security measures will be employed to ensure that only authorised persons
will be able to view the databases.

What security measures are taken to protect the data?

The data will be kept in one or more cloud-hosted databases (Google Docs), within an account which is protected via two-factor authentication. The data may also be stored temporarily within e-mail accounts of the directors, which will also be secured behind (at least) two-factor authentication mechanisms.

Can data subjects request exporting or deleting their data?

Yes they may. Each such request will be reviewed by the directors of both the Theatre Academy and the relevant committees governing Protea Stage Productions and Keyboard Magic. The findings of this review process will be made available to the requesting data subject within 14 days of the receipt of the request.