Hall of Fame

GRAHAM WEIR Founder member of Protea (choral society) in 1970. Originator of ‘Not the Midnight Mass’. Graham has many stage and TV shows to his credit both acting and directing and is currently resident in Cape Town.

CHRISTINE WEIR Founder member of Protea with her brother Graham. Co-originator of ‘Not the Midnight Mass’. Christine has appeared in musicals at the State Theatre and the Civic Theatre and in many TV shows. She is currently resident in Cape Town.

Both Graham and Christine were principal members when Protea took the musical Joseph on tour and which was Banned in Bloemfontein.

JENNY DA LENTA Jenny has many musicals and variety shows to her credit. She has performed at Sun City and has had her own ‘one man show’ at the Civic. She has also been involved in TV and was co-presenter of the program Options.

KEN ROBINSON Ken starred in ‘Oklahoma’ at the State Theatre and has performed in many TV shows including Egoli and countless advertisements.

SUSAN WEBSTER Susan has been involved with TV but is better known as a musician. She has produced two CD’s, and has her own band who works as back-up for Casper De Vries.

NICK STEERS Nick has appeared in many musicals and plays on the Durban Stage.

BRONWEN EVENS Bronwen has performed in many musicals and pantomimes for PACT and at the State Theatre. She also appeared in ‘Boogie Nights’ in July 2004.

BRANDON AURET Brandon has many TV shows including Isidingo and advertisements under his belt and has written and stared in his own shows at the Barnyard Theatres. His international career includes such films as Chappie, Elysium, District 9 and many more. See Brandon’s IMDB profile

LEE-ANN SHEPHERD Lee-Ann has appeared in many advertisements and her stage career covers many musicals, pantomimes, and a staring roll in Isidingo.

MONIQUE NORTJIE Monique had a long run leading roll in Egoli during 2003.

MURRAY TODD Murray has appeared in several TV advertisements and a minor role in Egoli. His stage career spans from corporate work to musicals at the State and Civic Theatres and ‘Feeling Groovy’ at the Sound Stage. Murray has also appeared in  ‘Boogie Nights’ at the Civic Theatre and “That will be the Day” at the Globe Theatre Gold Reef City. Murray was nominated in 2005 for a Naledi Award for Best Supporting Actor for his roles in “That will be the Day”
See Murray’s IMDB profile